Success and Online Marketing

The business world of today has changed immensely since the 1980s. Now, we work not only with very talented individuals, but also with computers, the internet and social media. The primary role of this business model is to make the world know that a certain kind of business exists. That way, the company is able to get to its target market faster, more efficiently and gain popularity in a short period of time.

Online marketingLet us take ladies’ handbags as an example. Online marketing plays an important role in letting interested and even the not-so-interested buyers to check products out. Now, how do we do this? It is actually really easy – by online marketing through every known social media out there. There are, without a doubt, the right people to help you spread your new products on the internet like wild fire.

According to Shea Bennett of Social Times, “an internet user has an average of five social media accounts”. These accounts are not just there for show. They are actually active, which means that the users open and update their respective social media platforms at least once a day. Some of their social media accounts may even be linked together.

What’s great about online marketing is that each account has a share button. It serves as a referral button that instantly lets millions of other people know that a new product of a big company was launched and will be available in stores next Monday. Information is power and by letting marketing news spread at an instant, sales and marketing success can be at your fingertips.

Most of the internet users, belonging to all gender types, are from ages 16-35 years old. This age group is also a good market for selling ladies’ handbags. Yes, even for the males. They might want to get their mothers, wives and girlfriends one or two as well. By just clicking a link or product photo that is shown in the corners of their social media pages, they can be easily redirected to the products’ homepage. This is how online marketing works its magic. By just a simple click, the sellers already have their target audience. From there, it is the products time to shine to get the customers to pick them out.

Another important aspect of online marketing is the visual appearance of the product page. This is essential to catch the customer’s attention. The user interface should also be user friendly.

Imagine being an internet shopper looking for the perfect handbag to bring to the beach company outing next weekend. You were browsing through an online shop you found interesting while previously swiping through your social media newsfeed. Then, you found this perfect fuschia pink waterproof and see-through tote bag that would go really well with your new swim suit.

By just clicking on the product, you are now on your chosen product page. On this page, you can find the products important features like how it is made and what it is made of, its actual dimensional size and at least five high quality pictures of it. The user should be able to zoom in and out on the pictures seamlessly, just like how they do it when shopping personally in department stores.

Once the customer is sure of his or her chosen items in the shopping cart, it is finally time for check out. This is the moment when we know that online marketing worked. However, it does not work some of the time for a variety of reasons. These reasons may be personal or technical. Personal reasons may range from distrust, fear, cynicism, and many more. Technical reasons, on the other hand, may be from a poorly designed product page that is not user friendly, non-working zoom in and zoom out buttons and other problems relating to faulty product webpage.

This is how new businesses flourish – through genius online marketing strategies and high-rated customer reviews. It is a business built on trust and good standing. These businesses can be small scale, home-based, and can range up to well-known worldwide brands that went with the flow and embraced the change to cater to the new age. Online marketing works and is the best option for small and budding businesses out there and true experts can help you make this dream into a reality.

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Plus – Minus: Advantages and Disadvantages of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards are electronic boards that have copper tracks. The boards are made of glass fabricated plastic. The copper acts as the wire which connects the components. Holes are drilled so that the components will be properly placed. They are also soldered for a stronger hold. The top side of the PCB is the component side and the lower side is the track side. Once the components are placed and soldered, the circuit will already run. Now, printed circuit boards have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is still one of the most convenient boards to use.

Disadvantages of Printed Circuit Boards

There are four disadvantages of using PCBs. Since bread boards are also a type of electronic board, it would be easier to compare it to PCBs.

1. You need different designs for different circuits.

Unlike the bread board, PCBs are fixed. Once you have designed it for a specific circuit, you cannot use it for another kind of circuit.

2. Updating is not Possible

Once you have printed it, you cannot add parts. You should reprint the design over again. This is actually a hassle when you just need to add one component to test a specific circuit.

3. When Damaged, It is hard to repair

Once it gets damaged, for example a short circuit or overheating, it would be hard or impossible to fix it. Compared to the bread board, you can just remove the components and replace the damaged parts.

4. Etching of PCBs are sometimes harmful to the environment

There are chemicals used in etching that is harmful for the environment. If you are a environment friendly advocate, PCBs would be the least kind of board you may want to choose.


Advantages of Printed Circuit Boards

The disadvantages of PCBs are actually minor and not a big deal. There are actually more advantages than disadvantages. Here are those.

1. Short Circuit and Wrong Wiring is Minimal

Because the copper tracks are embedded on the board, there is a lower chance that there would be short circuits or wrong wiring. Plus, this circuit is already been designed on a computer which means it has been tested for errors. There are applications wherein you can design your boards test it before you print it.

2. No need to inspect it

As it was said on the previous point, since it is designed on the computer, you do not need further inspection. You will not have to worry about broken circuits. There is a bigger possibility that it will work than manually making the board. Printed circuits are very easy to use.

3. Components are Fixed

This makes the circuit board simple. No more complex wires attached all over the board. No more loose components. Everything is fixed and the components are easy to identify. Also, the maintenance of the components are easier because of the simplicity of its look.

4. Ideal for Reproduction

If you will be using a number of circuit boards of the same design, PCBs have a larger advantage. Uniformity of the design is a plus because it is printed from the computer. Every board will be exactly the same as the previous. In manually attaching the components without a guide like the PCBs, it would be hard to create something identical.

5. Cheaper with Mass Production

If you are going to reproduce one design, PCBs are cheaper. You just need to print your design and etch it in a piece of copper board. Plus, it is easy to create. You can create multiple boards at a time. So, if you are wandering about what kind of board to use, PCBs have the cheapest, easiest and fastest manufacturing compared to other boards.

Cost Efficient and Effective Print Options for Custom Lanyards

Lanyards are often sold in bulk. Custom lanyards are not kept in inventory, but instead, are manufactured upon receiving the job order. No two lanyard looks the same, so it is necessary for you, the customer, to carefully elaborate on what kind of lanyard the organization wants on the brief. This brief is used to make the job order and the manufacturer goes on to create a unique lanyard specific to your requirements.

Printing the organization’s logo and name on the custom lanyards is one popular way to personalize them. You can also have certain quotes, or prominent names printed on them. Taglines and mottos, especially the theme of a certain corporate event, are likewise popular choices.

The choice of textile or type of material to be used can also be subject to your preferences. There are also other options to consider like length, color, process of printing and the type of attachment that it has.

custom lanyardsWhen it comes to choosing the way the logo will be printed on the lanyard, the most cost-efficient way is silkscreen printing. In this process, the ink is applied on the outside of the material you are planning to use. If cost is an issue but you still want to have custom lanyards, you could go for silkscreen printing, with one color printed on one side of the lanyard only.

If you have a little bit more budget, then you can opt to print silkscreen on both sides of the customized lanyards with different messages on the front and back. Why anyone would have prints on the underside of the lanyard is unclear, but it has happened before.

Another method to consider is multi-colored silkscreen. You can have your logos or taglines printed “positionally” on the custom lanyards – meaning to have the graphic or letters printed placed specifically at certain intervals or spots that make them more prominently seen when they are worn around the neck.

This is opposed to having the text or logo printed all around the lanyard in a continuous fashion, with the process involving a step and repeat pattern. The thing to remember is that both positional and continuous prints are possible when you choose the silkscreen method.

Another effective method of printing on the lanyard is dye sublimation. When your requirement involves more than one (in fact, a multitude of bright colors) combined with an intricate design that highlights attention to detail, you ought to choose dye sublimation. This is also perfect if you are looking for many colors with very intricate design. This method has both sides of the lanyard printed because the ink is dyed into the material.

Besides printing, you can opt for weaving. Two thread colors can be woven together to create the logo. The downside of weaving is that fine detail is not really an option here. The design is often rudimentary and basic because of the limitations of the process. The upside is that woven custom lanyards are really strong and can last for a long time. When the prints appear on the other side of the woven lanyard, the text will tend to read backwards.

Pad printing is another option to consider. However, it does not refer to printing on the lanyard itself but on one side of the badge reels. Badge reels will tend to occupy a prominent position on a person’s body because it is positioned at the middle, where a pendant or a central piece of a long necklace typically would be. This is the reason why some opt to maximize the reel and have the company’s logo showing prominently on it.

A General Guide for Beginners about Golf Iron Sets

Golf is one of the most played and most prestigious sports around the world. As a beginner, it is quite hard to remember all the rules, much less, know your way in choosing the proper golf iron sets. If you are not careful, you may end up with a set that does not suit your playing style.

Different Classes of Iron Sets

Irons can be classified according to length of shaft. As the number increases, the shaft length gets shorter. The numbering in irons is set to determine the loft. The loft is the degree of inclination of the club heads.

Long Irons

These sets are the longest and the lowest loft among the irons. For a beginner, these are more difficult to use. Sometimes, trainers recommend the beginner student to use hybrid irons instead of these long irons. The numbers in these irons are 1 to 4. 5-irons are sometimes included while other golfers regard the five as a mid-iron. These irons are used in the fairway or rough.

Mid Irons

Golf Iron SetsThe mid irons range from 5 to 7 numbers. They are used in the fairway and in hitting the ball for a longer approach. Sometimes, they are used in low obstacles such as hills so players can avoid hitting a low rise. These golf iron sets are easier to use due to their higher loft compared to the long irons.

Short irons

The numbers used to denote these irons are 8 and 9. They have the shortest shaft, highest loft and heavier club heads. Though they are the easiest to hit a ball, a player must have high accuracy to use the potential of a short iron.

These are a subclass of irons. They have the highest loft and are used in special cases such as hitting a ball in a sand trap. The kinds of wedges are sand wedge, pitching wedge and lob wedge. Each has different use but the one thing common in these irons is the club head. They have the widest sole to prevent the club from digging into the sand or turf.

Different club heads

They are two types of club heads, the cavity back and the muscled back or the blade irons. The muscled back or blade irons are the traditional way of manufacturing the irons. They are less forgiving, making them hard to use for beginners and mid-level golfers. Due to this, manufacturers develop away to make irons easier for high handicapped and beginners. Thus, the cavity back irons are created. They are perimeter weighted, creating a larger sweet spot and decreasing miss hits.

Different iron types

You may choose from two different irons type, the forged and cast irons. Each offers different benefits to players. Forged irons are irons made from pounding and shaping the metal to form grooves of the club heads. On the other hand, cast irons are created from liquefied metals to form the club heads. The molten metal is poured into a die cast.

Forged irons are more appropriate for skilled players since these golf iron sets have less forgiveness. The sweet spot is smaller; thus, for a beginner, you will most likely experience many miss hits in these kind of irons. On the other hand, cast irons are the opposite. They have larger sweet spot, which is recommended for beginners.

Golf iron sets are the most used clubs in any golf game. They are used in the fairway, the rough or sand traps. Thus, you must equip your bag with the best irons so you can play properly. Ask advices from your trainer in selecting the right combination.

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Knowing The Types Of Metals Used For Custom Military Coins

There are different types of challenge coins that someone in the military can accumulate over time. During one’s tenure of service, the types of coins received will depend not only on the types of missions he is deployed to but also the amount of effort he exerts. Aside from the existence of various types of coins, there are also different kinds of metals that are used in making them.

There are four primary options when it comes to coin bases and these are gold, silver, copper, and brass.

Each of the metal bases used in creating custom military coins carries a distinct meaning. A metal base with a higher value is normally used for coins awarded to high ranking officers or troop members with exemplary contributions to the mission.
Gold coins carry the highest value although the custom military coins are not meant to be resold after the awarding.

Coins that are fabricated using this metal base are said to be more valuable in terms of the contribution that its recipient has made to the military. Gold challenge coins are not awarded to just anyone in the service. There is a specific level of service and dedication that is necessary before one of these coins is given to a soldier.

custom military coins

Most of the time, these coins are awarded to those who have offered their lives in the line of service. This does not mean that a soldier has to be fatally wounded to receive the coin. Taking a bullet for another soldier and shielding an innocent bystander are some of the actions that can lead to the receipt of a gold coin.

The next in line are custom military coins made from silver. These are considered to be second rank coins. These carry a high value, just like the gold challenge coin, but are given to those who have served the military for extended terms. These are symbols of one’s dedication to the cause and the country.

Other recipients of these silver coins include war veterans. Even if they are no longer active-duty personnel, most of these people serve the troops by guiding the new breed. A lot of veterans volunteer their time to training camps as mentors to those who have just enlisted and are on their first deployment. These silver coins also carry an additional feature as many consider them to be good luck charms.

In the military, there are coins that are given as awards for different types of service-related achievements. For those considered to be general accomplishments, custom military coins made out of copper or brass metal are fabricated.

These are the most common types of challenge coins.

The reason why these base metals are considered for general achievements is because they are cheaper to make compared to the gold or silver coins. The inexpensive cost allows the military to have them made in bulk and given to soldiers during different commemorative occasions.

Some examples of occasions where these copper of brass custom military coins are handed out include cadet graduation. Each cadet that formally graduates military school receives one. They get another coin for when they return after their first deployment. These are also the types of coins given for special recognition rites.

As different as these coins may be, they share the same component when it comes to the symbol of selflessness and dedication. Those who have been awarded these coins truly deserve them for their efforts to society. Even a single coin is enough to showcase the efforts of a soldier in ensuring the security of a country and the protection of its people.

In Buying a Property – Basic Questions you need to Throw at your Hamptons Real Estate Agent

A Hamptons real estate agent is not difficult to find, but finding a reliable agent with a good list to offer is a tough one. Not all real estate agents are the same. In fact, only a few of them can confidently say they really know their job. Only a few of them can deliver the kind of service that you need. It is difficult to find a reliable agent, but it is not impossible to find him.

As a buyer, you must first ask about the price, lot area and floor area of the house (if there’s one). You also need to know if there are nearby establishments that you usually go to. You can also ask for the kind of things that you are allowed and not allowed to do in that place.

To determine if your agent is someone reliable and knows what kind of property is the most suitable for you, ask him some basic questions and see how he responds.

What is the Reason behind the Decision of the Owner to Sell?

The agent may or may not answer this, but if the agent did his assignment well, then he can give you a clear answer. Perhaps the owner needs money, needs to work elsewhere, or other reason that looks valid enough.

real estateIf the agent looks like he is hiding something (the property may be hiding something sinister that the buyer must not know), then it should prompt you to think whether it is right to continue making a deal with him or not.

Is there Anything Important to Know about the Property?

You can ask this question next if you notice that the Hamptons real estate agent that you are currently dealing with seems apprehensive to divulge an important piece of information about the property. Don’t let him off the hook. Make a follow up question that can shatter his disposition a little and decide to voluntarily tell you everything he knows.

A real estate agent is required to tell the truth, but there are times when the seller pleads to keep the secret from the buyer.

What are Included in the Deal?

You need to make sure that everything that you see in the property is included in the deal. It should be easy for a reliable agent to confidently point out the things that you expect to get.

When did the Seller Decide to Sell the Property?

real estatesYou can also ask how many buyers already looked at the property. If the Hamptons real estate property that you are looking at has been in the market for quite a long time and many people already visited it, then there must be something wrong with it. Otherwise, it should have been sold already. You need to investigate further to know the real reason.

How Long did the Original Owners Live there?

You need to know how long the original owners stayed there. The property may be good and flawless, but the neighbors are not. Even though it’s considered a posh community, there are cases wherein one or two neighbors are difficult to get along with. It is also possible that the property frequently changes its owner. If that is the case, you need to know how many families already owned it. You may not see anything wrong with the property, but there is a reason for the frequent change of owner, which you need to find out.

You can also ask your agent about other offers for the property, the council tax, renovations, recent problems, community events, and others. Keep in mind that you are looking for a place in the Hamptons real estate that you can call your own. It would be nice if the agent you are dealing with is reliable enough to give you exactly what you need.

Hamptons Real Estate property purchases can be good investments if a person or a family decides to live in Long Island for the long term, Hamptons Real Estate agent can be popular choice which offers various property buying solutions.

How to Arrange a Safety Talk

If you are tasked with organizing and running safety talks or safety meetings in your company or office, you will need to do some planning to prepare informative speeches that will be helpful for the employees. Although you can hire a professional safety speaker, delivering the talk yourself could save your company some money and you will also develop your public speaking skills.

Here are some tips on arranging safety talks for your company:

Set a regular schedule

Safety meetings could be held weekly or monthly so that the employees will be able to incorporate the activity into their work routines and get accustomed to preparing and participating in every talk.

Designate a place

Most companies have conference rooms or halls for general meetings. For companies where employees are not all in the same place, you can be creative in finding a place that’s most convenient for everyone. Ideally, you will find a closed room more suitable for lectures. Other areas could be set as appropriate for demonstrations.

Designate a time

keynote-speakerYour safety talks are best held at a time when it will not disrupt the employees’ time for work. It should be a time when they could concentrate on the talk rather than worry about their pending tasks. It would be ideal to hold the meetings at the start of the day or shift, when everyone is still alert and has ample energy to participate. Otherwise, the meetings can be held before or after a regular break. Conducting a safety meeting after work is not a good idea as employees are normally tired and anxious to go home.

Keep it short and simple

A safety meeting can be run for as short as 5 to 15 minutes. If a topic rouses a lot of relevant discussions, a follow-up meeting can be held the next day to accommodate their concerns.

Select relevant topics

Your safety meetings should talk about the hazards that are particularly present in the workplace. If your employees work in an office setting, it would not be appropriate to discuss construction hazards. Focus on what is present around the employees; make sure to tackle only what is relevant to them and to the place they are working in.

Be specific

Focus on one topic at a time. Other topics can be scheduled or discussed on the next safety meetings. The important thing is that a topic should be clearly explained and the hazards are clearly identified along with the specific safety measures that should be taken.

Prepare notes for the topic

You must research on the topic you selected. It is also wise to include examples of actual incidents or experiences that relate to the safety topic. You can also ask other supervisors for additional input or insights on what should be covered by a particular topic.


You can use props or show actual machines or devices that are covered or involved in the current safety topic. You must effectively show the importance of handling the devices properly to promote safety and the measures that can be done to control the hazards. You can also make use of charts and illustrations during the discussion or show them a safety demo video that is related to the topic.

Keep records of the attendees

You must ensure that everyone is oriented with the safety topics you will discuss. The ignorance of one employee could still affect others and expose them to risks. If one person will not be able to attend, make sure to provide him with an overview of the topic or provide a quick review of the topic on your next safety meeting where everyone is present.

Safety talks are important in any workplace and are required by federal and state laws. It is every employer’s responsibility to educate their employees on the hazards present in their workplaces and the safety measures that must be observed at all times.

Your safety talks on harassment should be timely and cover updated topics; otherwise, it would be pointless to conduct them at all.

Choosing the Right Kind of Bodybuilding Supplement

There’s more to bodybuilding than just going on a strict diet and undergoing intense workouts. Often, the most successful bodybuilders also resort to taking certain supplements and/or chemical to help their muscle development along.

The sort of bodybuilding supplements employed by bodybuilders range from the organic (ginseng root, etc.) to the chemical (steroids, ostanish, etc.), and countless varieties of each kind exist on the market. Primarily, however, there are three popular bodybuilding aids, each with their own set of pros and cons. They are as follows:


  • Testosterone.
    • As the male hormone responsible for increasing muscle mass and strength, testosterone is a popular option for many bodybuilders. Although naturally occurring in both males and females, additional testosterone can and is often administered by doctors to patients who are looking to bulk up their physiques.
    • Some of its benefits include:
      • Testosterone is readily available, and can be easily administered in safe doses by a qualified physician (although some will encourage the patient to try building up their bodies the natural way before agreeing to administer additional testosterone).
      • Testosterone can also be gleaned from safer, more natural sources like chia seeds, ginseng root, or perhaps even the more controversial deer antler.
      • Apart from increasing muscle mass and density, testosterone also provides a host of other health benefits, such as:
        • Increased bone density and strength.
        • Better cardiovascular functions.
        • Enhanced sex drive or libido.
    • Some of its disadvantages, on the other hand, are:
      • While it is a naturally occurring substance, patients who have additional testosterone administered are not immune to certain side effects, such as:
        • Urination problems
        • More frequent acne breakouts
        • Mood swings

Anabolic steroids

  • Anabolic steroids.
    • Anabolic steroids are drugs that mimic the effect that testosterone has on the body, and have a long, colorful history that stretches back for decades. They were initially developed to enhance muscle density and strength by increasing the amount of protein in the muscle cells.
    • Some of its benefits include:
      • An undeniably potent and near-immediate effect. Anabolic steroids were deliberately designed to bulk up the body from the cellular level, so their effects are quite powerful. Steroids users also often achieve unbelievably burly and muscular figures a lot faster than bodybuilders who go the natural way.
      • Anabolic steroids can also be used to treat quite a few life-threatening conditions such as aids or cancer.
    • Some of the disadvantages that come with using anabolic steroids are:
      • Certain health risks can emerge with prolonged usage. These include:
        • Heightened cholesterol damage
        • Liver failure
        • High blood pressure
      • Unfavorable physical side effects for females, such as:
        • Thicker body hair
        • The development of a more masculine body frame
      • Unmistakable detection
        • Doping tests were designed to detect anabolic steroids in particular, so using them during athletic events or competitions without getting caught is close to impossible.


  • SARMS.
    • Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, or sarms, are the most recent bodybuilding aid on the market. Designed as a safer alternative to both testosterone and anabolic steroids, sarms have been gaining popularity for its more targeted approach. Ostanish, one of its more widely-known variants, was greatly in demand shortly before it was mysteriously pulled off the market years ago.
      • Some of the benefits that come with using sarms include:
        • More targeted effects. Ostanish was particularly popular for its muscle-boosting effects, but bodybuilders and athletes also availed of other kinds of sarms for a variety of purposes (e.g., increased lung capacity, heightened stamina, etc.).
        • No side effects. Since sarms like ostanish have very specific targeted functions, they have no effect on the receptors and organs that don’t concern them.
      • One particular disadvantage of sarms, however, is that further research has yet to rule out any adverse side effects brought about by prolonged usage.